<!-- Merry Christmas President Trump and Melania -- PoconoPundit

Here are the steps I used to mashup this HTML Christmas card. You can copy this entire comment into a file, save it as an HTML file and run it.

1. First, I spent several minutes searching Google Images for the finest large animated GIF with a Christmas theme.

2. The Christmas tree image I chose was a bit too large, so I loaded it into GIMP (the free image manipulation software) and scaled it down, saving as an animated image with a width of 900 pixels.

3. Looked for an image of President Trump and Melania in winter coats. The January inauguration was the obvious choice.

4. Then I needed to go into GIMP again to remove the background on that image (about 15 minutes of work). -->

<!-- The two overlapping images rest inside the HTML table below. In the table command, the height property is crucial to adjusting the height of the background image because the background will repeat endlessly down the page. -->
<table width=1200 height=530 cellspacing=10 bgcolor=black border=0 >
<tr bordercolor=black>

<!-- The HTML table has two cells or td's -- a left and right one. In the left td is where we insert the animated GIF as a background of the cell. You must also adjust (increase or decrease) the width of the cell to exact fit the original width of the background image.-->
<td valign=bottom width=900 background="http://freeper.org/fr/clipart/christmas_tree_2017.gif">

<!-- Also in the left td we now insert the overlay image of trump and melania as follows. Once again, adjust the image using the width setting. I also need to align this image to the right margin. -->
<img align="right" width=700 src="http://freeper.org/fr/clipart/trump_and_melania_parade.png"/>

<!-- Finally, in right td we insert your text caption. I also changed the font face to Georgia (Go DAWGs!) and font size 5 -->
<td><font color=white>
<center><b><font face=Georgia size=5>Merry Christmas, Donald & Melania<br><br>From Your<br>Naughty but Nice<br>Deplorrrrrables!