The Mark Twain Audio Collection

There are many ways to access Mark Twain.  His full texts are on-line to read.  But figuring out his best works to read or listen to will take some time since Twain was quite a prolific writer.

Enter The Mark Twain Audio Collection, a splendid audio CD from Harper-Collins Publishers (2001).

The editors have chosen his best Twain short stories and highlighted texts from his books.  In excerpts from Life on the Mississippi you'll get his humorous and interesting take on River life as he trained and eventually became a Mississippi steamboat pilot in the years leading up to the Civil War.

I searched YouTube for free audios of Twain works read by amateurs, but every free Twain reading I found was tedious.  Voice quality and the way a reader handles the dialog really makes a difference!

This 7-hour Collection contains extraordinary readings.  In fact, the editors remastered the voices of famous movie actors from days gone by to create an audio you will truly enjoy listening to and sharing with family and friends.

My favorite story in the set, the 20-minute long The Million Pound Bank Note, is so clever and humorous a story that I have already listened to it seven times.

I was lucky to find these CDs at my local library.  I found new and used copies selling for $10 to $30 on eBay and Amazon.  This turns out to be a great bargain considering Audible wants you to buy Twain readings with much smaller bundles of his works.